May 22, 2024

Gambling sites deposit options

Note: Australians can no longer gamble at casinos online – this page is intended for an international audience only. Australian betting sites are still legal, however, and the following methods are applicable.

The first thing every responsible punter should do before gambling online for real money is brush up on their knowledge of safe, secure deposit options. There is a myriad of reputable payment services available to use on the Internet for all types of players, and most are widely recognised and used for other Internet banking activities, meaning their trustworthy reputations aren’t just limited in their use in online gambling.

Online deposits at real money casinos

In this article, we detail the different types of deposit methods players can use at our endorsed gambling sites. Many are familiar services used day-to-day for buying groceries and other purchases, while others are more specialised for digital banking and specifically tailor themselves for online punters.

To see a full list of deposit services available at your chosen online casino and for additional information on processing times, extra bonuses or limitations, simply register an account and navigate to the ‘banking’ or ‘cashier’ sections, which lists all supported payment methods in funding your casino account.

Credit and debit card transfers

MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards are the most widely used and popular deposit methods for online gambling. They’re fast, efficient and easy to use; transferring funds is almost always instantaneous, and withdrawing winnings back to card only takes up to 72 hours (three days). Most importantly, they’re accepted and recommended as the top deposit and withdrawal option to use at all the Internet casinos we recommend.

Both brands implement 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security systems, the highest level of digital encryption available to keep financial and personal information protected and the same security systems employed at major banks. Transactions can only be processed when the user has the physical card and casino account number, along with the 3-digit security code which comes with MasterCard and Visa cards.

Apart from the two leading names, Delta, JCB, Maestro Solo, Switch, and Postepay branded credit and debit cards are also supported, though sometimes in a lesser degree. All can be used for both depositing and withdrawing money to gamble online, except for Delta and JCB, which is limited to deposits only.

Credit and debit cards function mostly the same, with the key difference being debit draws on money from the user’s bank account instead – helpful for those who want to stick to a pre-determined bankroll. Both options carry no hidden fees, which is a major plus.

In rare cases, some banks may refuse to process transactions related to online gambling at their discretion, as MasterCard and Visa lend their name to cards issued to member banks with their own policies – check with your financial institution if you are unsure, or process it anyway at the cost of a potential fee under the Advance Cash Rate fee, which some banks impose upon gambling transactions.

Credit and debit cards: Key features summary

  • Instantaneous deposits, 72 hour withdrawals
  • 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security as standard
  • Universally supported at all online casinos

Direct bank transfers

Also known as wire transfers, this method isn’t as popular or widely used these days due to a variety of faster deposit methods available. Deposits and withdrawals often take 72 hours or more to transfer between your bank account and casino account and vice versa. Despite this, there’s no denying it’s one of the safest options to transfer funds due to banks having state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL.

Financial institutions which accept transfers to Internet casinos for the purposes of online gambling include:

  • ANZ
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • NAB
  • Westpac

Processing direct bank transfer deposits to your online casino account is easy. All banks now have Internet and mobile sites where members can access their cash, so this is the most straight-forward way to deposit – just login to your casino account, link your bank account and transfer the desired fund while managing how much cash is in your bank account via your bank’s site interface.

For those of us who may not do Internet banking often or prefer to do things traditionally, you can also process transfers through the telephone or at your local bank in-person. Typically, you will get a confirmation and reference number to use to finalise your transaction (depositing of funds) at your chosen online casino.

Bank transfers are great for high-roller punters who want to deposit a large amount of cash into their casino accounts for high-stakes play. It’s safe, with proven high-security as you’re processing the transaction directly via your bank.

Direct bank transfers: Key features summary

  • Great for depositing large amounts
  • Bank’s security systems are trustworthy
  • Takes up to 72 hours to process deposits

POLi Payments is another option connected to direct bank transfers. An online payment service, it acts as a program that allows punters to process deposits from your bank’s online interface.


e-Wallets, also known as digital wallets or Web wallets, are electronic payment services specifically tailored for online purchases and transactions – that includes Internet gambling. Popular services supported at online casinos include Neteller and Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers).

Setting up an account is entirely done on the Web, and involves linking a credit/debit card or a bank account to it in order to transfer cash to fund your casino account. Essentially, it acts as a middle-man and extra layer of security between your personal bank account and cards and your casino account – especially handy for those who don’t feel comfortable using their personal accounts directly, or having private information shared with the casino their choice.

Deposits and withdrawals made with e-Wallet are super fast and processed instantly. A major advantage of using an e-Wallet instead of another deposit method is you can often score bonuses on top of your initial deposits at a casino just for using the service; several of our recommended gambling sites award 10% credits on top of your first deposit for using Neteller or Skrill, specifically.

e-Wallets: Key features summary

  • Acts as middle-man between personal and casino accounts
  • Regular 10% bonuses when depositing with e-Wallets
  • Universally supported at all online casinos

Pre-paid cards and services for online gambling

Pre-paid cards and online services are useful for players who want extra peace of mind when it comes to safety and layers between personal accounts and casino accounts. While credit, debit and e-Wallets have top-of-the-line digital encryption and security systems, we recognise some people still like to have additional reassurance, and pre-paid provides that.

Purchasing a pre-paid card and loading it with funds is easy, and using it to deposit cash into your casino accounts works the same as credit and debit cards. However, because its cash amount is limited to what you decide to put into it upon purchase, it means you can manage your bankroll – the money you deposit into your casino account for real money gambling – much easier. Once you’ve tapped out the amount, you’ll need to re-load more funds into your pre-paid card to continue to use it as a funding source for your casino account.

Pre-paid cards are disposable, meaning you can discard the card if you’re finished with it. On the rare chance it may be stolen, others can’t steal any money from the account beyond what is pre-loaded.

Pre-paid cards unfortunately cannot be used for withdrawals due to their disposable nature, meaning you do need to have another card, e-Wallet or bank account linked to your casino account for the purpose of withdrawing any winnings. There’s also a smaller maximum amount of money you can load onto the card, so it isn’t the best option for high-stakes players who like to bet big. Despite this, it’s still a highly recommended deposit option.

MasterCard and Visa provide purchasable pre-paid cards, but we also recommend online pre-paid services Entropay and Paysafecard, widely supported at Internet casinos and also purchasable at convenience stores, news-agencies, petrol stations and more.

Pre-paid: Key features summary

  • Cards are disposable; can be pre-loaded with set amounts
  • Lower maximum limit – good for low-stakes players, not for high-rollers
  • Cannot use for withdrawing winnings

Register an account and deposit money safely at accredited, recommended sites we have reviewed only, all of which protect your financial information and transactions with the state of the art 128-bit digital encryption security systems.