May 22, 2024

Canberra Casino will feature multi-terminal games after the ACT Government approved a plan to extend the semi-automated table games section.

This means punters will be able to play baccarat, roulette and sic bo at individual screens, mirroring the offerings that are available at other clubs and casinos across Australia.

The casino previously had 22 rapid roulette terminals, but there will now be 50 multi-terminal games hosted at the casino. These games will still have a dealer to control the game, but players make their selection on the screen in front of them.

Legislation surrounding gambling in the ACT has changed dramatically in the last year, with the casino being approved for 200 pokies, and clubs now allowed to sell and buy pokies.

The casino, which was bought by Aquis Entertainment in 2014, opened a remodelled gaming floor last week, with further enhancements expected to be put before the government in the coming days.

Aquis, owned by the Hong Kong-based Fung family, is hoping the government will tick off a $330 million expansion to its inner-city site, which they believe will bring in ‘high net worth’ individuals.

Despite the casino potentially driving tourism and the state economy, there are plenty of parties campaigning against the development at Canberra Casino, including the Australian Hotels Association, who say the casino will erode profits from existing clubs.

Despite numbers across the gambling industry in the ACT being up, the government has reduced the staff at the Gambling and Racing Commission by 28% from this time last year.

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